About 451 Alliance

Our industry-leading surveys provide a peek around the corner on trends in consumer and business technology buying plans, as well as the direction of the overall economy.

The intelligence gathered from our 451 Alliance surveys is delivered back to our members – giving them access to critical research and insight well ahead of other available sources.

About Our Members

Our members are a select cross section of business and technology professionals – along with early adopter consumers – who work in companies across a range of industries.

Key Research Topics


 Tablet and PC Buying

 Smart Homes

 Streaming and OTT TV

 Wearable Technology

 Mobile Payments

 Connected Cars

 Traditional TV and ISPs

 Consumer Spending and Commerce

 Quarterly Business Trends

 Corporate Software and IT Spending

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A message from 451 Research

A special thanks to our 451 Alliance members for making this program so successful. Our consumer and business research keeps 451 Alliance members 'in-the-know' about the technologies and trends affecting the world around us. Kudos for being a member of this highly prestigious organization!